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Wednesday Wine: Eisold Smith Pinot Noir

We all know that nothing says, “I love you” during the holiday season like a special selection of Pinot noir from the home state of “we do it better” – that’s right, Oregon!

We also know that many retailers, online and in stores, are simply peddling the same big brands that everyone has to offer. Here at Well Produced, we are busy finding Oregon Pinot noir from small-batch style production, where nothing is simply turned over to the robots and computers. Yes, hand picked grapes, hand selected clusters, hand punch downs, and in some cases, hand bottled makes a difference.

This week’s Wednesday Wine is Eisold Smith 2012 Meredith Mitchell Single Vineyard Pinot noir.  For those of you who have been following our reviews and posts, you know I am a huge fan of Larn & Adam Eisold Smith, the young couple that are very quietly fermenting a future for themselves in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Last summer I was able to catch up with Larn and Adam, taste through their line up of wines, and hear about their adventures as they combine forces in the vineyard and in the cellar. The results are some truly remarkable wines! This week I encourage you to try their single vineyard Pinot noir, the 2012 Meredith Mitchell. Special pricing on six and twelve bottle cases, mixed cases are encouraged. You can choose a mixed case of Eisold Smith wines, or mix and match with other Oregon Pinot noir- I have included some recommendations below.

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Dusky Goose 2010 “Dundee Hills” Pinot Noir

Lumos Winery 2010 “Temperance Hill” Single Vineyard Pinot Noir

Mad Violets 2012 “Mantis” Reserve Pinot Noir

Ranson Winery 2012 “Selection” Pinot Noir

Winderlea Vineyards 2013 “Dundee Hills” Pinot Noir


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Nancy Garvin

Editor in Chief at Well Produced Food & Wine
Nancy is the founder and chief editor of Well Produced Foods and Wines. She has had a flourishing career in food and wine for 3 decades (remember aspics?).
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