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Wahoo RFLKT+ Bike Computer

When we travel, we like to bring our bike with us. Nancy and I have a Co-Motion Periscope Tandem, made in Eugene, Oregon. It’s super fun for us, and it breaks apart into pieces that fit in standard airline suitcases. On the bike, we love love love data. We use software on our iPhones that tells us how fast we’re going, how long we’ve been riding, how much we’ve climbed, how fast the pedals are turning (cadence), and even the air temperature.

We’ve tried a lot of solutions for mounting our phones on the bike, and none have them have been really adequate.

Any solution that involves putting the phone out in the weather has a few problems: the screen can be hard to see in the daylight, it’s hard to operate the controls with gloves on, and keeping the screen on really wears down the battery.

We’ve found a solution to our problems. We now use the RFLKT Bike Computer available from Amazon. This computer connects to our phones over Bluetooth, and acts as a remote display for the phone. It has a high contrast LCD display with 4 buttons. The phone stays safely packed in the saddle bag under the bike seat, with the display off. The RFLKT+ Bike Computer has fully configurable screens, easily set up with an iPhone app. My main screen shows time of day, distance, speed, heart rate, and pedal speed. I have secondary screens that show ambient temperature, feet of climbing, incline percentage, and iPhone battery. If you have a pre-defined route set up, like for the Providence Bridge Pedal, you can get turn-by-turn directions right on your handlebars.  You can even configure it to show text messages on screen.

I highly recommend this computer for people who ride on the road.

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