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Simple Pleasures Sparkling Collection

Yes, we have reached the end of the week and all I can think about is bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! Bubbles for a hot, relaxing soak at the end of a cold week, and bubbles in my glass, chilled to perfection. After an intense back to work and back to gym schedule, bubbles are exactly what I need!

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This week we have three wines that are perfect for this type of relaxation. And they’re easy on the pocket book, an important post-holiday detail.

These delightful wines are also easy on the head, meaning you do not have to think too hard. They are just lovely and enjoyable. Often with expensive or rare wines you have to be intellectually present so you don’t miss anything that makes them expensive, rare, and highly sought after. And it is good to do that. I do that. However… sometimes it’s good to just roll it back, take the pressure off, and enjoy the simple pleasures. So, without further ado, here are my Simple Pleasures picks:

La Ardilla Moscato de Valencia is, as you can imagine by the name, from the Valencia region in Eastern Spain. With vineyards located approximately 25 miles from the Mediterranean Sea, the Muscat grapes benefit greatly from the coastal climate and sun orientation, for maximum exposure. This sparkling has a soft effervescence, a slight sweetness, and a crisp acidity (brightens the flavors). The aromatics are floral with apple, citrus, honey, and apricot on the palate. Great with or without food, works perfectly as an aperitif, or served with a soft, creamy, not too pungent cheese. It pairs perfectly with spicy foods from Southeast Asia, such as Thai, Laotian, or Vietnamese food.

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Vertice Vinho Espumante do Douro Cuvee Reserva Bruto comes from Douro, a northern region in Portugal. This sparkling is on the dry side. It is light and mineral driven, so uniquely different. The producer, Vertice, blend fruit from six different grapes. Now, there are not many Portuguese grapes that are household names in the US (my industry colleagues excluded), but here is the line up of grapes that make up this cuvee (blend) and add to its unique and extraordinary flavors: Gouveio, Malvazia Finca, Rabigato, Touriga Franca, Codega, and Viosinho. Fun, right? Seafood, fish, rice dishes, and anything creamy and rich will be excellent with this wine.

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De Stefani Prosecco Col Fondo (link) is made from 100% Glera grapes grown in the Northeastern region of Italy, in the area that surrounds Venice to the north, west, and south. Truly beautiful! I know I’m always talking about how unique and wonderful the wines we represent are, and it’s true- they are all unique and wonderful for different reasons. Here is a little story about De Stefani Col Fondo:
Sparkling wines are expensive and labor intensive to make (think Premier Cru Champagnes!) and, being practical as well as having great taste, the Italians decided YEARS YEARS back, to make a sparkling wine that was delicious, delightful, easy to produce, and easy on the bank account. They named it Prosecco. There is more to the story, but this is the quick and dirty version. Essentially, Prosecco goes through two fermentations but does not have to be disgorged, and sugar is added to enhance the fermentation which in Champagne is an absolute no-no! But with the Col Fondo, they do a little something that is more detailed than an average Prosecco, but not quite as labor intensive as a Metodo Classico, or Classical Method sparkling. “After the initial fermentation in steel, the wine is bottled with its lees under the typical crown cap enclosure, including no preservatives or sulfites. From here, the wine undergoes its secondary fermentation in bottle, but is never disgorged. This is where this wine takes its name, “Col Fondo,” “on the lees,” or “deposit.”
While some will call it the “traditional version of Prosecco” it is a more detailed process than what most Proseccos go through. It’s the inclusion of the lees (deposits from the grapes, yeast and other biological matter) that gives the Col Fondo an incredible complexity, texture, and flavor profile not often experienced or expected in a Prosecco. Another fun fact about Col Fondo is that it’s sealed with a cap like a soda or a beer, so it is elegant and down to earth at the same time.

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And remember, you can always count on it being Well Produced!

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