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Well Produced Food & Wine Posts

2014 Carpineto Dogajolo Rosso

This week’s Wednesday Wine is a Well Produced favorite, the 2014 Carpineto Dogajolo Rosso. The winery takes its name from the Greek carpos, meaning fruit, which is the primary focus at the winery, as they firmly believe that the quality of a wine is determined by the quality of the grapes. Their extensive holdings allow for complete quality control and selection of fruit.

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Simple Pleasures Sparkling Collection

Yes, we have reached the end of the week and all I can think about is bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! Bubbles for a hot, relaxing soak at the end of a cold week, and bubbles in my glass, chilled to perfection. After an intense back to work and back to gym schedule, bubbles are exactly what I need!

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This week we have three wines that are perfect for this type of relaxation. And they’re easy on the pocket book, an important post-holiday detail.

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