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It’s a Sparkling New Year!

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Happy New Year to all from Well Produced Food & Wine! I know it is post-holiday and everyone is either trying to clean up and get their trees out of the house or planning their post-holiday season detox. Well, not me! I can’t think of a better time to beat the winter blues by restocking your wine cave or closet with our Champagne Friday sparkling flight!
I have four gems selected for you this week:

  • Didier Chopin Brut, Champagne, France
  • La Mesma Metodo Classico, Italy
  • Villa Rosa Moscato, Italy
  • Graham Beck NV Brut, South Africa

Dider Chopin NV Brut: The backbone of this Champagne is Pinot Meunier (I will write more about Pinot Meunier next week) at 60%, with 40% Pinot noir providing the radiant charm, grace, and glow to this wine.

Didier and Karine Chopin launched their label in 1989, using fruit sourced from a family member. They are an authentic grower-Champagne with an annual case production of about 16,000 cases. The family now owns and maintains their own vineyards, and their son and daughter assist. Drink now or cellar for another decade. Either way, you will be impressed!

Serving & pairing recommendations: Serve as an aperitif, pair it with light appetizers. It also goes well with main dishes such as fish with a nice fatty texture, or compliments dishes with pastry, like samosas or a quiche with a nice flaky crust.

La Mesma, Metodo Classico (in the classical method): Harvested by hand when the grapes are ripe, but still fresh because the brix (natural sugars) are low. Made from 100% Cortese grapes grown on the estate in Piedmont, the Metodo Classico is just another reason why we are smitten with the La Mesma sisters!
La Mesma is labeled as Gavi Spumante D.O.C.G, or Denominazione di Origin Controllata e Garantita. Or in English, a dry sparkling wine that has a controlled and guaranteed designation of origin, meaning… it comes from exactly where we expect it to be coming from- how refreshing is that?

Villa Rosa Moscato: So, you have a dry wine on hand for those that love a dry vibrant sparkling, but what about those who like their sparkling a little sweeter? Well, here it is- the sweet but so very aromatic and delicate Villa Rosa Moscato. Produced from 100% Moscato grapes grown in the Piedmont region (we LOVE Piedmont), on southern-facing hillside vineyards that allow this aromatic grape to achieve its full potential. Once harvested, fermented, and bottled, the Villa Rosa enchants with aromatics of sweet peach blossoms, apricots, nectarines, and soft mineral notes to balance out the profile. Drink now through late June!
Stunning when paired with a triple cream cheese or with a tarfufo (cheese with black truffle).

Graham Beck NV Brut: It’s always surprising to people when I recommend, highly, a sparkling wine from South Africa. People have heard of wine from South Africa, but outside my professional and industry friends, few have ventured to try them. Now is your chance! I am strongly recommending this wine- it’s Graham Beck’s entry level sparkling. It is delicious to drink on its own or perfect to use in a mimosa or to top off a craft cocktail when called for (see our WPF&W Cocktails posts, by Dior Kelley).
53% Chardonnay and 47% Pinot noir, and non vintage (NV) because is created by blending multiple vintages, which allows Graham Beck to give you sophistication in the glass at a value price.

Order now through next Tuesday and receive complimentary Ground shipping service with code FREESHIP!

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Nancy Garvin

Editor in Chief at Well Produced Food & Wine
Nancy is the founder and chief editor of Well Produced Foods and Wines. She has had a flourishing career in food and wine for 3 decades (remember aspics?).
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