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Italians In the News! Wine to Survive the Winter Season

Winter is here and we are all right in it. Wind, rain, snow and other storms have surrounded us, but we have ways to weather the storm! Here at Well Produced we’re putting the spotlight on Italy this week with all things Italian; from wine, cocktails, recipes, and our favorite olive oil, we will be bringing Italy to you!

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Here are our picks for Italian wines:

2013 La Mesma Le Bolle Gavi Frizzante

“Le Bolle is La Mesma’s take on the delightfully refreshing components of the Cortese grape using a slight fizz. This DOCG Gavi Frizzante starts with the younger estate fruit, and sees typical dry fermentation in stainless steel. It is then transferred to temperature controlled stainless vats. This closed tank, second fermentation creates playful freshness through bubbles (hence the name, Le Bolle), adding to the tasty orchard fruits and floral component of the wine’s flavor profile. A simple and very enjoyable sipper, Le Bolle is dry, pretty, and extremely food friendly.”

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2013 Ettore Germano Nascetta Bianco

Recently we were able to visit Ettore Germano at the winery and vineyards in Serrelunghi, located in the Piedmont region of Italy. We had several afternoons to taste and discover Sergio and Elena’s wines, and get the story captured in their own words. Here Elena tells us about the rare Nascetta grape from their region. It is an amazing white varietal that is little known in the US, but definitely worth a try! Watch here:

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2014 Italo Pietrantonj Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo

The Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo is a fabulous wine and a classically styled Rosé from the Abruzzi region. The grapes are solely sourced from the Collina Tesa vineyard, and after a very gentle pressing, the juice is only macerated for 12-16 hours with the skins in order to impart the perfect pink cherry hue. Fantastically fresh, bright, a touch floral, and loaded with lovely earth tones and fruit, this Classic Cherry (Cerasuolo) wine fits the ideal dry yet unctuous Rosé stereotype. A harmonious balance, with a lingering finish backed with hints of almond, this wine is well suited for appetizers, fish, and white meats.

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2011 Arcos Salice Salento

Produced from 90% Negroamaro, 10% Malvasia, from Puglia region, this is a fruit forward rustic wine that is easy to drink and is at home on any table. The grapes are hand harvested for selection of the best clusters, then vinified in the traditional method without addition of concentrated must. Primary fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures.

You can expect a deep red color with a hint of ruby near the rim, a delicate aroma of wild berries, medium bodied, with flavor tends toward tart cherry with a hint of dark chocolate. A delicious young wine that develops velvety softness with bottle aging. This is a superb food wine that is ideal with pizza, lasagna and dishes made with rich tomato sauce.

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2014 Carpineto Dogajolo Rosso

This is a young wine that boasts fruity aromas with hints of cherry interlaced with coffee, vanilla, and spice. Each varietal is vinified separately in stainless steel, then blended together before being briefly aged in oak. The results of the Sangiovese based baby Super Tuscan is a medium bodied red that is soft on the palate with balanced acidity for brightness. I have it in our “Drink Now” category because this wine is designed and produced to drink while youthful within the first couple years. No additional cellaring required. We have already done that for you!

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2010 Silvio Bolmida Barolo Bussia

The Bussia from Silvano Bolmida is produced from Nebbiolo vines that are over 50 years of age. During the second week of October, after close daily monitoring for the perfect ripeness, the grapes are harvested by hand and only the best clusters make the cut. The whole berry fermentation process begins and extends for over four weeks. Next, maturation takes place for the first year in barrels on the lees and the second year in small oak barrels of about 500 liters in size. In the third year the wine is transferred to bottle without filtration, and allowed to continue refining in bottle for another 14 months.

When you read about Silvano’s process of making wine, you can see why this is a wine to cellar for future enjoyment with a special meal. We visited Silvano at his winery in Piedmont and spent the day with Silvano and his mother discussing wines, process, and his passion for biodynamic farming. When you drink this wine you can be assured that its process is all done by hand, under the skilled and watchful eye of Silvano himself. This is true small production, with no computerized fermentation tanks making large batches of wine. This is the real deal and a rare beauty.

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