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Oregon Wine Month Profile: Eisold Smith “EDEL”

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Eisold Smith is a new and exciting duo between Lauren Eisold and Adam Smith. I have a call out to them to get more information, but while I wait I need to just get down what I can so I can make this deliciously brilliant wine available to you!

The EDEL 2013 White Wine, produced from Columbia Gorge fruit, is 48% Gewürztraminer from Oak Ridge Vineyard, and 12% Pinot Gris and 8% Riesling from Underwood Mountain Vineyard. This combination of fruit and winemaking style has created a crisp, bright, aromatic wine, with vibrant acidity that approaches effervescence, but is not sparkling or hissy.

This is clearly a wine of the Pacific Northwest (Washington fruit, Oregon style), yet it brings out the inner geographer in me to contemplate the German style it represents. I have never traveled to Mosël, or Moselle if you prefer the French spelling, but I understand that the region is named after the river that rises in the Vosges Mountains and flows to join with the Rhine River. The Mosël name is also applied to the style of wine produced in the region, an area known for great table wines. The term “table wine” has taken a beating here in the US because somehow we are all expected to be collectors and not consumers. I do a little of both; I collect or cellar, and I consume, but that does not mean that wines designed to be fresh, youthful, and consumed soon after release are not worthy of merit. The EDEL is labeled as “white wine” which seems like an accurate description that lacks pretense and attitude. However, it is not lacking in style, beauty, and desirability. I do not have production numbers, but my guess is that there was not much of this charming wine produced. I suggest you secure a case today!

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10% discount on cases of six, 15% discount on cases of 12, mixed case welcome! For shipping rates to your location, contact Nancy Garvin at (503) 435-7002 or nancy@ You must be able to verify that you are 21 years of age or older.

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