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Charmed by Cherry Blossoms

Springtime is a fabulous time of year. The weather warms, grass grows, flowers bloom, and parties and special occasions begin to populate the calendar!

For this very reason there has never been a better time to replenish your supply of sparkling wines. At Well Produced Wines we decided our inaugural curated set would be a survey of sparkling styles, regions, varietals, and prices. There are multiple bonuses to this curated collection of wines, but one of my favorites is that there is a bottle in this set for every occasion, and they will all arrive right to your front door!

La Luca Prosecco, DOC – Italy: This brunch sparkling will please any guest. You can enjoy this wine chilled, or feel comfortable using it in a mimosa. It’s in an off-dry style and has aromatics of nectarines, lychee, and almond blossoms.

Didier Chopin Champagne Brut – France: Springtime can be described as crisp, refreshing, and absolutely welcoming. The same can be said for the Didier Chopin Champagne Brut. Crisp orchard fruit, dry, refreshing, and oh so very welcoming! It is the Champagne we endure the winter for, because we know the spring is sure to come- and you know you will thoroughly embrace it!

Henri Giraud Champagne Esprit Brut – France: This wine is the highly respected elder in the group, and not because you fear he will pinch your cheeks, but because you genuinely adore being around him. In fact, you will go to a party just on the chance he might be there. The Henri Giraud Esprit Brut is exceptional Champagne, which is why we have included it in our collection. You could spend hours differentiating the aromas and flavors within, or you can lift your glass, say “Salute” and enjoy!

Domaine Rieflé Crémant D’Alsace Brut Rosé – France: An elegant sparkling wine with a soft, creamy mousse-like texture, delicate aromas of yes- cherry blossoms, rose, and a supple lemon crème finish. There is absolutely nothing not to LOVE about this wine. It is a pure pleasure to enjoy, including the price.

Domain Spiropoulos Ode Panos Rosé – Greece: To quote a close friend, “Ode Panos is great, but not everyone’s cup of bubbly,” and I think that is fair. I adore the exotic quality. It is rare indeed that we would have the chance to experience a sparkling wine from Greece, but look! It’s right here in our curated collection for April! Fruit forward sweetness, rich brut quality in the mid-palate, finishes clean with an astringent after-note. This is an excellent starter sparkling. Ode de Panos is aromatic, exotic and adventurous!

Vega de Ribes Ancestral Garnatxa-Sumoll Rosadao – Spain: A unique sparkling wine in a style that is reflective of the producer. What strikes a person from the beginning is how different it is from any other sparkling wine! This is due in part to a blend of two regional grape varietals, 50% Garnatxa (known as Granache in the US) and 50% Sumoll. This divine elixir is not sweet, but bone dry. To some at a recent tasting this wine reminded them of sour beer, something I personally am fond of, but we can all agree is not for everyone. I say buy it for yourself, or… pick up a bottle and keep it chilled for when someone brings that harder to please wine enthusiast over. You will be delighted you have it on hand!

Find these wines as a curated collection in our shop.

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