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A Sparkling Selection: From Italy, with Love

A few weeks back I made a promise to write more about sparkling styles and provide some excellent examples of those style variations for you to experience. So here they are, three lovely yet unique sparkling wines, all with the ability to evoke the signs of springtime with its warm rays of sunshine, its beautiful billowing clouds, and of course, the vibrancy of flowers in bloom! With no further delay, I present to you three sparkling wines from Italy that embody the taste of spring, to help you get through these cold winter days!

2013 La Mesma Le Bolle Gavi Frizzante

“Le Bolle is La Mesma’s take on the delightfully refreshing components of the Cortese grape using a slight fizz. This DOCG Gavi Frizzante starts with the younger estate fruit, and sees typical dry fermentation in stainless steel. It is then transferred to temperature controlled stainless vats. This closed tank, second fermentation, creates playful freshness through bubbles (hence the name, Le Bolle), adding to the tasty orchard fruits and floral component of the wine’s flavor profile. A simple and very enjoyable sipper, Le Bolle is dry, pretty, and extremely food friendly.”

2014 Villa Rosa Moscato d’Asti

One of this week’s sparklings is a tried and true favorite. The grapes used to produce the Villa Rosa Moscato are sourced from southern-facing hillside vineyards that surround the town of Santo Stefano Belbo in Piedmont. Villa Rosa Moscato is frizzante, or lightly sparkling, with an aromatic bouquet of sweet peach and apricot and delicate mineral qualities. It’s a pleasantly sweet, yet refreshing way to end a meal. Springtime in a glass!

NV Bric Castelvej Birbet

And up next we have a surprising wine to offer. Something you have probably heard of but perhaps have never tried… a sparkling red wine. Yep- a sparkling red from Italy, that is amazing and delicious! Unlike our other two offerings that are aperitif or starter wines, the Birbet is a sweet bubbly red wine from the Roero region in Piedmont. The wine is produced from 100% Brachetto del Roero grapes. The grapes are hand picked and then cold fermented, followed by natural secondary fermentation in a pressurized tank. The result is a fine, persistent effervescence. You will be mesmerized by the brilliant ruby red color, naturally sweet flavors, and lively refreshing taste evocative of red currants, raspberries, wild strawberries with hints of roses and peach flowers. The Bric Castelvei Birbet is an excellent dessert wine. Ideal with fruit pies, tarts and pastries.

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Nancy Garvin

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