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Sparkling for Lovers & Party Animals

This holiday season has been a merry one so far, with the miracle of oil and light and the reflection of all that we can be grateful for- and we are grateful! Since it’s Champagne Friday we’re feeling especially grateful for R. Stuart & Co. Winery’s NV Bubbly Brut and their NV Rosé d’Or Brut. With two more holidays remaining to celebrate it’s time to restock on your Champagne and sparkling wine. I know! It’s hard to believe the reserves have dipped below the safety zone, but not to worry, these domestic charmers from my hometown of McMinnville, Oregon are easy on the credit card and velvety smooth on the palate!

NV Bubbly Brut

When Maria and Rob first started talking about this project (project= Bubbly!) it was because they wanted a sparkling that was light and lovely, perfect for those times when less is more and you want something special that everyone can enjoy.

With fresh lemon and pear flavors and honey crisp apple on the nose, it is dry and light, but with an unmistakable creaminess on the mid-palate. R. Stuart Bubbly Brut will not disappoint! Rob tells us it reminds him of his favorite Burgundian-style Tarte aux Pommes, along with all of the high-spirited sparkling qualities we love.

NV Rosé d’Or Brut

Rosé d’Or is the result of one man’s life-long quest for sublimity, and that man is none other than Rob Stuart himself. Barrel aged and blended vintages come together, and over time create a beautiful, rich tapestry of flavors, the likes of which are simply unattainable in a single vintage sparkling wine.

If you have a special occasion, a special someone, or even the need to strike the right mood for “popping” the question, look no further- the Rosé d’Or is your sparkling wine! Order two bottles of the Rosé d’Or and then fill your case with Bubbly so when your family arrives there will be plenty of joy to share with all!

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The lovely Maria & Rob Stuart
The lovely Maria & Rob Stuart!
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