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A Sparkling Selection: From Italy, with Love

A few weeks back I made a promise to write more about sparkling styles and provide some excellent examples of those style variations for you to experience. So here they are, three lovely yet unique sparkling wines, all with the ability to evoke the signs of springtime with its warm rays of sunshine, its beautiful billowing clouds, and of course, the vibrancy of flowers in bloom! With no further delay, I present to you three sparkling wines from Italy that embody the taste of spring, to help you get through these cold winter days!

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The Bennett

Let me tell you a little something about us: we love gin. We recently discovered a forgotten gin cocktail called The Bennett and we are completely…

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Wahoo RFLKT+ Bike Computer

When we travel, we like to bring our bike with us. Nancy and I have a Co-Motion Periscope Tandem, made in Eugene, Oregon. It’s super fun for us, and it breaks apart into pieces that fit in standard airline suitcases. On the bike, we love love love data. We use software on our iPhones that tells us how fast we’re going, how long we’ve been riding, how much we’ve climbed, how fast the pedals are turning (cadence), and even the air temperature.

We’ve tried a lot of solutions for mounting our phones on the bike, and none have them have been really adequate.

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Mardi Gras is just around the corner so we’ve made up one our favorite cocktails, the Sazerac, adapted from  The PDT Cocktail Book) (side note: we love this cocktail so much we even named one of our Rex rabbits after it!).

This cocktail is strong and intensely flavored…we usually make it with Old Olverholt Rye Whiskey because it’s a classic affordable rye but since we were recently gifted a gorgeous bottle of southern rye whiskey from Georgia we used that in this week’s version (second side note: using a cask-strength rye is not for lightweights).

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Monkey Paw

In celebration of Chinese New Year we decided to try our hands at a Monkey Gland. Horrible name, delicious cocktail! We re-named it the Monkey…

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Italians In the News! Wine to Survive the Winter Season

Winter is here and we are all right in it. Wind, rain, snow and other storms have surrounded us, but we have ways to weather the storm! Here at Well Produced we’re putting the spotlight on Italy this week with all things Italian; from wine, cocktails, recipes, and our favorite olive oil, we will be bringing Italy to you!

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